My CDs



I have created several CDs from music I have recorded. I invite you to download and listen to some music I have recorded.  I played and recorded all music provided. I wrote all music except where noted. 

Baggage Claim Blues

Baggage Claim Blues CD cover               Listen to tracks:

  1. Freight Train (E. Cotten)  (listen–mp3)
  2. Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  3. Too Much Coffee at O’Hare  (listen–mp3)
  4. Quiet Afternoon in Tremont  (listen–mp3)
  5. Fringe Element  (listen–mp3)
  6. John Henry - revisited (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  7. Crescent City Side Streets  (listen–mp3)
  8. Every Waking Moment  (listen–mp3)
  9. Displacement  (listen–mp3)
  10. Railyard at Wynkoop  (listen–mp3)
  11. Red Earth  (listen–mp3)
  12. Sunday Travelin’ Blues  (listen–mp3)
  13. Clear Lake Lament  (listen–mp3)
  14. Gallery Blues  (listen–mp3)
  15. B-W Parkway Blues  (listen–mp3)
  16. Wrong Turn to Daytona  (listen–mp3)

The Road to Doolin

The Road to Doolin CD cover               Listen to tracks:

  1. Brick and Mortar  (listen–mp3)
  2. Shule Aroon (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  3. Molly Malone (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  4. End of an Era  (listen–mp3)
  5. Londonderry Air (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  6. The Harp That Once Through Tara’s Halls (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  7. Avenging and Bright (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  8. Spancil Hill (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  9. Roddy McCorley (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  10. Be Careful What You Wish For  (listen–mp3)
  11. Sheebeg and Sheemore (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  12. Irish Linen  (listen–mp3)
  13. Blind Mary (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  14. Fainne Geal an Lae (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  15. Behind the Bush in the Garden (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  16. Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)

It's Not Rocket Science

It's Not Rocket Science CD cover               Listen to tracks:

  1. Shenandoah (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  2. Mitigation  (listen–mp3)
  3. Mean Median Mode  (listen–mp3)
  4. Planxty Irwin (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  5. L’Enfant Plaza  (listen–mp3)
  6. Down by the Riverside (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  7. 179th Day  (listen–mp3)
  8. Autonomous  (listen–mp3)
  9. The Water is Wide (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  10. Fat Cat on the Run  (listen–mp3)
  11. Another Wrong Turn  (listen–mp3)
  12. Road to Lisdoonvarna (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  13. You Are My Sunshine (J. Davis/C. Mitchell)  (listen–mp3)
  14. Fly Me to the Moon (B. Howard)  (listen–mp3)
  15. Sufficiently Complete  (listen–mp3)

Six Strings and a Harp

Six Strings and a Harp CD cover               Listen to tracks:

  1. Subway Riding Blues  (listen–mp3)
  2. Ode to John Fahey  (listen–mp3)
  3. John Henry (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  4. Down by the Sally Gardens (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  5. When the Saints Go Marching In (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  6. Dark Alley in Denver  (listen–mp3)
  7. Fairfax Drive  (listen–mp3)
  8. Inisheer (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  9. Cigarettes on the Balcony  (listen–mp3)
  10. Oregon Coastline  (listen–mp3)
  11. Minor Affliction  (listen–mp3)
  12. Green Eyeshade  (listen–mp3)
  13. Why Won’t the Rain Stop  (listen–mp3)
  14. Star of County Down (Traditional)  (listen–mp3)
  15. Take Me Out to the Ball Game (J. Norworth/A. Von Tilder)  (listen–mp3)